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JBD Printing & Promotions is a wholesaler of custom apparel and other promotional items. Although we offer wholesale prices we do not require you to order wholesale quantities. Our goal is to make wholesale pricing available to everyone regardless of order size, whether the order is 10 pieces or 10,000 pieces we want to offer you the very best pricing possible. 

Here at JBD Printing & Promotions, we pride ourselves in personalized and quick customer service while getting the best prices for your product no matter the size of your order. With our team of skilled account managers and designers we will help you create a product you are proud to have represent your organization or company. We can take any idea you have in your head and turn it into a reality, with our designers being some of the best in the industry you'll be sure to love your product, guaranteed!


Our Team

Jacob B. Davis

Founder & Owner

"I started this company because I believe everyone should have access to the best possible prices regardless of order size."

Karla Recio

Director of Sales

Karla has been designing custom shirts and logos for schools and organizations since high school. Karla knows just what every school and organization is looking for.  

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